Christian giving is a difficult topic – especially for us Brits who don’t like to talk about money. But how we treat our finances and possessions was important to Jesus (nearly half of his parables were about this) and so it should be important to us. This series is about living ‘A Generous Life’ – in response to the overflowing love and grace poured out on us by God through Jesus.


Lots of different things go into making a perfect holiday – lots of different things go into growing a seed – and lots of different things go into forming a healthy church. continue »

It wasn’t the act of going that demonstrated the Samaritan leper’s faith, it was the act of coming back – coming back to Jesus to say thank you. continue »

Christian giving is not about fundraising or buying God’s favour. It is a way of responding (in secret) to God’s generosity to us – storing up the true treasure of a generous and godly life. continue »

Instead of repeating the Old Testament’s laws about tithing, Paul replaces the entire system with one word: generosity. continue »