Lost in translation If you’ve ever been on holiday to a foreign country, you’ll know that – most of the time – people are pretty good with English, to our great shame.  But sometimes translations don’t come out quite right.  I’ve got a few here on-screen that I found online.  (See here.) We have a […] continue »

Apologies for the sound, which gets louder and softer as I walked up and down, away from and towards my phone which was recording! Looking in the right place I have, in my time, lost all sorts of things.  I once came home from school with only one shoe, and once without my trousers.  I […] continue »

From the Carols by Candlelight service. Fairy Tales It’s something we all know from listening to stories growing up: princes and princesses live in castles.  I expect if I asked you to imagine a castle fit for a princess, you would think of something like the Disney castle, with soaring towers and roaring fires. When […] continue »