It was an ordinary day…

  • Jesus had been teaching
  • He wanted to cross over the lake
  • They got into a boat

But then an extraordinary storm threatened to kill them all.  The power of nature is immense – huge storm in Devon, hurricanes in the late summer.

But Jesus spoke to the wind and the waves – and the storm instantly died down.

Who is this guy?

  • He was a wonderful teacher – the disciples knew that
  • He was a kind healer – the disciples knew that
  • He was special, like a prophet – the disciples knew that

But stilling a storm – that is something else.  Jesus must be more than all that, because good teachers, kind healers, even the most special people don’t have power over nature, much as we might like to.

Who is this guy?

What do you think of Jesus?  Who do you think he is?  Maybe like the disciples you think he’s a wonderful teacher, a kind healer, someone really special.

But this – this is something else.  We all need to ask ourselves the question, ‘Who is this guy?’