We cannot meet in person – but we can still pray, sing, and listen to God’s Word – together in Jesus.

This week the service is one continuous video. It’s up to you, but please don’t skip ahead as you might miss something important! As was the service two weeks ago, it takes just over half an hour.

All the words are included within the video itself. Health warning… two of the videos are American, and they can’t spell ‘armour’…!


It is important to prepare ourselves before a service of worship. Close your eyes and pause for a moment – gather yourself in God’s presence.

Speak these words aloud:

Open my lips, Lord,
and my mouth will declare your praise.

Psalm 51.15 (NIV)

Service – Ephesians 6.10-20 ‘Protected’

Activity – Making the Army of God

We imagine you all have some old loo-roll tubes…

Let’s turn them into an army of God, dressed and ready to stand firm!

As this was supposed to be a Cafe Church service, this is for everyone, not only the children.

All you need to do is download the instruction sheet, print it out, and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve made your soldier, please take a photo (like the one here) and email it to Ben, together with your name. If you can’t do email, please call Ben and arrange for him to come and take a picture through your front-room window (!).

Supporting Videos

The individual elements of the service (without the links) are available here.

Full Puppet Video (not all of it was included in the service)

Put On the Sword of the Spirit – Ishmael

Bible Stories for Toddlers (The Armor of God) – Saddleback Kids

Armor of God – Bear Hug Band

Choir of the Nation – St Paul’s Cathedral

Introduction by Paula Gooder

Instructions for joining in are available online.

On that page you will find (when they publish them) the music, words, and backing tracks for the three hymns they are recording in this way.

They are asking people to practice, and then record yourself singing (while listening to the backing track on headphones).

The easiest way to record yourself is with a smartphone and a hands-free kit. Apps for recording are easy to find, and there are free versions (search for ‘voice recording’ or ‘voice memos’). This is actually how I recorded the sound for my videos above.

Then you need to email the recording to hymns@stpaulscathedral.org.uk, with the hymn and your voice part in the subject line:  for example: Jesu, lover of my soul, SOPRANO. (If you aren’t sure which voice part you are, or don’t understand that, simply sing the tune.)