Sue is one of the Readers at St Editha’s Amington.

Amington Parish Church

Sometimes in the midst of it all, God simply steps into our lives, as he did for that one bent woman that day. continue »


So we heard from the puppets about keeping promises, and trying to keep promises.  It may be that of all the things you hear or say or sing this morning, that sticks most in your mind!  So what about us, do we find promises hard to keep? How about this morning when you were getting […] continue »


Our theme in the “Jesus is …” series we’ve been hearing through Mark’s gospel is “Jesus is …. worth it!” Well, when I read today’s reading, the verse that came to my mind was actually one from Matthew’s gospel, chapter 6, verse 21: ”For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  Although, […] continue »