The first online Amington Parish Church quiz night is coming!

From around 7.30pm the live stream will begin here.

It is very simple – it will be a YouTube video, exactly like the church services, only live.

I’ll say it again: please don’t worry about the technical side of it – all you have to do is play a YouTube video, which (I hope!) most of you have been doing every Sunday for the past few weeks anyway.

We hope this will be a team event – so people without internet access can be included. All you need to do is phone each other up (as long as one of you has internet access!) and discuss the questions / answers that way.

You will need:

  • A team name
  • Paper and pen
  • A way of messaging your scores to Ben (email, text, WhatsApp, etc) – his number is on the news sheet every week

After each round you’ll text or email your scores to Ben, so we can build up a leaderboard live on air (hopefully!).

The Cornerstone Cup is up for grabs (and maybe even a prize or two…) so no looking answers up online or otherwise 😉.

The idea is that we have a bit of fun, and (hopefully) feel part of the wider church family.