Finally, they are up!

A new treat awaits those who walk or drive past our church building… many months ago the PCC decided to replace the extremely shabby noticeboard (no-one is quite sure how old it is..) and the main sign with something that is easier to read from the road, and up-to-date (a number of things on the old sign were either slightly or totally wrong now).

The idea is that the main sign directs people to look at our website or the noticeboard for up-to-date information. The new noticeboard – in the same colour… – will have some bright attractive posters and weekly information about what’s going on. (It looks a little plain inside right now.) The plastic of the old noticeboard was practically opaque it was so old – the difference is quite spectacular.

Huge thanks to Steve Cox, Mark and Sam Widdas for helping me get these up at last – an early Christmas present for the church family!