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I think the point Jesus makes is this ; following him is not a part time occupation
it’s as they say in modern parlance 24/7 365 or in the language I prefer the
language that the man who wrote ‘ Prayers of Life ‘ many years ago . Michel
Quoist .
Following Jesus is a whole life thing , every waking moment and sometimes
sleeping ones as well!
If we really want to follow Jesus then we must try not to let life get in the way ,
after all who wants a crooked furrow.
As Sue pointed out last week the power of Jesus is life changing and yes it can
sometimes be frightening the sheer strength of it but as the demon possessed
man found – if you put aside the fears the rewards can be great .
I think it’s a good thing to remember that God understands all our trivialities and
will always help us to complete the task in hand if we put him first .
So from now on – No excuses only valid reasons as we strive to follow Jesus
together . In order to follow Jesus together or apart we need to commit to the task
in other words it’s hands to the plough no looking back at what was before but
letting Jesus guide us like the Oxen Guide the farmer when he’s ploughing . like
the farmer we rely on the strength of someone else . The farmer on the oxen –
we rely on Jesus’ power within us through the holy Spirit .
Remember to F.R.O,G – fully rely on God