Remember, this not a performance. It will feel a bit weird filming yourself saying it, but try to make the reading an act of worship – Paul says to Timothy, ‘devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture’ (1 Timothy 4.13).

  1. Please record in portrait mode – this is so I can have the reading scrolling next to you on the video.
  2. Before you say anything, please look straight at the camera, keep your head still, and smile for a few seconds. This will feel weird, but – trust me – it works, because it means I can fade the video in before you start speaking.
  3. Then announce the reading, e.g. ‘Todays reading is taken from Matthew chapter 1, beginning at verse 5’. (The full reference, and page number, will be on the screen as well.)
  4. Please read in a measured way: think Goldilocks, not too fast and not too slow! Have a look back at one of the readings on our YouTube channel for examples of previous readers to get an idea of pace.
  5. Don’t read the headings – the headings in Bibles are not part of the text, they have been added by translators.
  6. At the end, please say both of the following lines:
    This is the Word of the Lord.
    Thanks be to God.

  7. Then finish as you started: look straight at the camera and smile for a few seconds, with your head still. This is so I can fade the video out, rather than have a hard stop.

My experience is that the weirdest part is the beginning and end: looking into the camera, staying still, and smiling. However, it is also one of the most important when it comes to stitching all these videos together.